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Riders on the Orphan Train



photo"…the program far exceeded any expectations I may have had, as did the community's response…
this was by far the most well-attended program the library has ever offered….everyone who attended was
moved, educated and entertained…your program truly made an impact on our community.

- Cecilia Hurt Barham,
   Director,  Decatur Public Library, Decatur, TX

"This event was a huge success and very important to our community, as the Orphan Train stopped here in Gainesville and there are descendents who still live in the area. It was and is still one that people mention."

- Jennifer Johnson-Spence
  Director, Cooke County Library, Gainseville, TX

"We wanted to thank you for the marvelous performance that you gave at the Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum. Over 110 people attended your performance and the positive feedback was overwhelming. Your musical talent and storytelling captivated the entire audience."

- Ramiro Rodriguez
  Museum Coordinator, Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum, Harlingen, TX

"Alison Moore and Phil Lancaster presented the "Riders on the Orphan Train" with a mixture of video, music, and storytelling that had you crying, laughing, and enjoying an often forgotten history. An interesting and thought provoking program that had the crowd talking long after the program ended. The artistic and musical format provides these two a most interesting and entertaining media to share their knowledge and wisdom of our present and past."

- Virginia Scott
    Director, Wolf Creek Heritage Museum, Lipscomb, TX

"Riders on the Orphan Train was a success! The program far exceeded any expectation the Lakeway Arts Committee or community had. The documentary moved the audience through the excellent audio visual presentation, the marvelous entertainment of dramatic storytelling and musical presentation, and the educational enlightenment of this little known piece of history. It was truly inspirational. We had three people who shared their personal association with riders on the orphan train, and one couple who knew a friend whose mother was a rider on the train. The presentation generated increased awareness and curiosity in this little known piece of history."

- Janet Wright
  Director, Lakeway Arts Center, Lakeway, TX


Alison Moore | Phil Lancaster

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